Full hot buffet lunch - $16.00/person                  Light buffet lunch - $14.50/person

choose one from each category:                                  choose one from each category:      

protein                                                                                   protein

potato/grain side                                                                green salad

green salad                                                                          rolls or sliced baguette & butter

rolls or sliced baguette & butter                                 dessert platter

dessert platter                                                                   add $1.50/person for beverages

add $1.50/person for beverages



pasta buffet lunch - $12.00/person                                         

choose one from each category:

hot pasta dish

green salad

rolls or sliced baguette & butter

dessert platter



hot proteins                                                                        hot potato/grain side dishes

dailys classic lemon chicken                                                  garlic mashed potatoes

chicken marsala                                                                         roasted baby red potatoes

chicken with sun dried tomatoes & basil                             rice pilaf

grilled chicken                                                                           hot quinoa or farro preparation

pork tenderloin

chicken or steak fajitas

beef burgundy

pot roast



hot pasta dishes                                                                green salads

pasta with grilled vegetables & alfredo                            "dailys own"

vegetable lasagna                                                                    caesar

classic meat lasagna                                                               berries & goat cheese

mexican lasagna (made with tortillas)                               cobb

pasta vodka                                                                                pear & feta

pasta primavera                                                                         Strawberry poppy seed

macaroni & cheese (add bacon if desired)                           classic spinach