casual buffet lunch #1 - $11.00/person        casual buffet lunch #2 - $11.50/person

sandwich/wrap platter                                            hot sandwiches - roast beef or pulled pork

green salad or pasta salad                                    Pasta salad or classic potato salad

cookie and/or brownie dessert tray                    cookie and/or brownie dessert tray

chips                                                                              chips

bottled water, soda or juice add $1.50                bottled water, soda or juice add $1.50


casual lunch buffet #3 - $12.00/person      "spa style" buffet #4 - $12.50/person

sandwich/wrap platter                                            build-your-own cobb salad bar

pot of soup                                                                 with turkey or grilled chicken

green salad                                                                whole fruit

cookie and/or brownie dessert tray                   dailys OWN power bars

bottled water, soda or juice add $1.50               bottled water        




green salads                           Pasta/grain salads                sandwiches/wraps

"Dailys own"                                  quinoa & roasted veggies        turkey & provolone

caesar                                            curried quinoa                           turkey & gouda

Berries & goat cheese                 tabbouleh                                   turkey & bacon

cobb                                                farro                                            turkey salad w/ cranberries

pear & feta                                    Black bean, corn & rice            ham & swiss

Strawberry poppy seed              pasta, peas & pesto                    chicken salad

Classic spinach                            chicken poppy seed                   egg salad

Spiral Vegetable Salad              greek pasta                                 roasted veggies & hummus

chickpea pomegranate                                                                      blt w/ avocado

                                                                                                                roasted eggplant

                                                                                                                dailys hoagie